Question of the Day

New Year's Resolutions

Sarah Stegner's Profile Photo Sarah Stegner
Executive Chef/Owner
Prairie Grass Cafe
Northbrook, IL

January 17 - 27 I'm making a New Year's Resolution to eat healthy. Starting January 17 I'm going to eat a different healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for each of 10 days. You can eat every meal that I am going to eat at Prairie Fire. We are not open officially for breakfast but if you want to stop in and sit at the bar for a healthy breakfast you can join me! The lunch and dinner items will be offered as a special with nutritional notes written by Mary Abbot Hess. Some of you may know that she is a famous nutritionist and cookbook author. She gave me guidance and some helpful hints, which I will share with you in each menu. I am going to try to eat healthy, seasonal food for 10 days. I am going to try not to cheat, but after 10 days, no promises.

Chris Pandel's Profile Photo Chris Pandel
Executive Chef
The Bristol
Chicago, IL

I try to stay away from the new year resolutions. They are usually the first things to be broken in the new year and thats not a good way to begin a brand new year.

Justin Large's Profile Photo Justin Large
Chef de Cuisine
Big Star
Chicago, IL

I'm not a big resolution guy, so I didn't have any for last year. This year, though, i am going to try to lose a bunch of the weight i gained when opening big star.

Cary Taylor's Profile Photo Cary Taylor

Chicago, IL

Never made many resolutions. But I'm resolving to be more successful this year

Steve McDonagh's Profile Photo Steve McDonagh
Hearty and SpritzBurger
Chicago, IL

I don't believe in imposed resolutions; they don't stick unless you're ready to make the commitment. I'm more self analytical than people may think and make resolutions for myself all year long.

Geoff  Rhyne's Profile Photo Geoff Rhyne
Sous Chef
The Ordinary
Charleston, SC

2010 for me was all about taking the next step and pushing myself professionally and personally. Check, check--I was able to do some cool stagieres, expand the garden, and I got married--that's a good year.
2011 will be all about another next step. Professionally, I want to do 3 stagieres around the country, and I have a good plan in place of where. Also, I not only want to expand the garden and the variety, but also to do more foraging and "staging" on some of the farms we deal with consistently. Keeping them is not an issue--if you set your mind to something, the results come fairly easily.

Konstantinos Pitsillides's Profile Photo Konstantinos Pitsillides
Executive Chef/Owner

Philadelphia, PA

my wish is to promote Greek cypriot cuisine all over America.

Lynn House's Profile Photo Lynn House


As always I resolve to be more organized, each year I get better and better, I also am hopeful to pen the cocktail book I have been working on. 2010 was a great success, in a great place, achieved lots of accomplishments and succeed, and rose to new challenges

Rob Levitt's Profile Photo Rob Levitt
Executive Chef/Owner
The Butcher & Larder
Chicago, IL

Exercise! I ain't gettin' any younger!!!! There is a rowfit just up the street...maybe they'll trade steak and sausages for fitness training!

Troy Graves's Profile Photo Troy Graves
Red Door
Chicago, Il

I generally don't make New Years Resolutions. I try to keep track of my life and make necessary corrections throughout year. For instance, I smoked several years ago as did many of my friends. Many of them made a New Years resolution to quit smoking and ask if I wanted to join them. I told them I don't make resolutions as I don't find they work well. Later that year I decided that I had enough smoking so I decided to quit. Most of my friends who made a resolution and failed heckled me because they thought I had made a decision out of the blue. To make a long story short I stopped smoking the day I decided to and haven't had any desire to smoke since. All my friends who made that New Years resolution still smoke. For many people New Years resolutions work, I just don't think that it is my style.

Eddie Lakin's Profile Photo Eddie Lakin
Edzo's Burger Shop
Evanston, IL

My only resolution is to hire/develop/train someone who can spell me at Edzo's in a pinch. My wife filled in for me when I worked Chicago Gourmet and it was very nerve-wracking, even though she ended up doing a stellar job.

Carrie Nahabedian's Profile Photo Carrie Nahabedian
Executive Chef/Owner
NAHA and Brindille
Chicago, IL

I HAVE to get in shape personally and with my aching back...We are doing a gorilla trek to Rwanda and the Congo in September and I need to be able to hike up a mountain in the jungle!

David  Katz's Profile Photo David Katz
Executive Chef/Owner

Philadelphia, PA

I suck at resolutions. Well, keeping them. Making them is easy! Mine will be the same as last year, get in better shape! It is hard though, but I have to do it. The little tabletop fryer we just got on the line last month isn't gonna help. We've already ordered crinkle cut frozen fries and drop about 3 baskets a night for a line snack...Oh man. This ain't gonna be easy:(

Paul Fehribach's Profile Photo Paul Fehribach
Executive Chef/Owner
Big Jones
Chicago, IL

If things go as we hope, there should be another restaurant in the works by the end of 2011. That's all I can say at the moment...