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Are you salivating over "Picante" pork?

Carey Savona's Profile Photo Carey Savona
Executive Chef

Fairfield County, Connecticut

Herb makes the best prosciutto in the United States and even rivals Italy for texture, flavor and sweetness. It is a product we use regularly and sell out of all the time. I look forward to all of his new products and anticipate them highly.

Nathan Sears's Profile Photo Nathan Sears
Executive Chef/Owner
The Radler and D.A.S.
Chicago, IL

We are big fans of Herb and Kathy. I have been to their plant and seen the incredible operation. Their pork products are consistent and consistantly good. We have the picante and serve it with ocean trout, pickled celery and lentil. I do wish it had a bit more heat but it is another great product.

Anthony Jacquet's Profile Photo Anthony Jacquet
Executive Chef
The Whisper Restaurant & Lounge
Los Angeles, Ca

I am a great fan of La Quercia and have been using their products for years. We do feature their Prosciutto Americano and Speck on our menu regularly. We have also used their Coppa as well. I like this purveyor because of their sincerity and commitment to raising their hogs in a well mannered way, in free pasture, and they feed on the same things that some of the best hogs in Europe do...except in Iowa! I am definitely eager to try Picante...sounds like it has a home on our Artisan board definitely, but also on a flatbread with arugula and oven dried grapes.

Kurt Michael Friese's Profile Photo Kurt Michael Friese
Executive Chef/Owner
Iowa City, Iowa

We here in Iowa are very proud of Herb & Kathy Eckhouse and all the good folks at La Quercia for producing American's best prosciutto right here in the Heartland. Readers of our magazine (Edible Iowa River Valley) have voted them Food Artisan Local Heroes, and I profiled them in my 2008 book "A Cook's Journey: Slow Food in the Heartland"

Of course we also use it in the restaurant! Devotay features it in tapas and in our poached mussel dish. All their cured meats are outstanding.