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Nettles show their seasonal versatility

Jitti Chaithiraphant's Profile Photo Jitti Chaithiraphant
Line Cook


Nettle pasta, pine nut, raisin, ricotta, nettles

Chrissy Camba's Profile Photo Chrissy Camba
Bar Pastoral
Chicago, IL

we've made nettle pesto before to go with an charred eggplant bread pudding
and roasted quail.
when you're handling them use gloves! :D

Brian Reilly's Profile Photo Brian Reilly
Cleveland, Ohio

I am going to be using nettles as a flavor and thickener in dashi. also would like to dehydrate and use as. Componate to ramen

Nathan Sears's Profile Photo Nathan Sears
Executive Chef/Owner
The Radler and D.A.S.
Chicago, IL

Nettles are a great spring green. Such a great flavor that until recently I had trouble describing. Thn one day someone said nori and I thought that's it.. The have such a great earthiness that the sweetness of peas or carrots help highlight them and bring them into the spotlight.

Dan Smith's Profile Photo Dan Smith
Executive Chef/Owner
Hearty and SpritzBurger
Chicago, IL

We’re making a type of Stromboli with nettles – I blanch the nettles then sauté them in olive oil with garlic before spreading them on pizza dough with Pecorino Romano. I roll up the dough and bake it and slice it. Served with an heirloom tomato sauce

Hugh Amano's Profile Photo Hugh Amano

Chicago, Illinois

I Love Stinging Nettles--simply cooked into a lovely soup, then pureed and topped with cream froth and truffled pecans--delicious. I avoid the sting by grasping the stalks using the bag they come in, giving them a good rinse, then cutting them onto the pot using scissors, down to the really tough stems that get left behind. No gloves, no tears. And tasty as all get out!
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Sandra Holl's Profile Photo Sandra Holl
Pastry Chef/Owner
Floriole Cafe & Bakery
Chicago, IL

Nettles grow like weeds at my parent's house so we try to get out there and pick our own. They are great in quiche and make a nice crispy pizza topping.

Karen Vasilak's Profile Photo Karen Vasilak
Event Director
Piccolo Sogno
Chicago, IL

Nettles are very popular in our kitchen this season. We're making a "Risotto con Ortica e Funghi", which is aged organic carnaroli rice simmered in porcini broth with nettles and mixed mushrooms. Another popular dish that we serve as a special is nettle & ricotta stuffed pasta, with mushrooms, garlic and herbs.