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Dinner Series: January 11, 2012

We're pleased to announce the next installment in our Family Meal series begins Wednesday, January 11 with "Four Centuries of the Agrarian South," a vegetarian dinner featuring nearly a dozen heirloom and heritage grains from the South's long agricultural tradition. Dishes include Sea island red pea bisque with rustic bennecake flour biscuits, a Carolina gold rice risotto with yellow eye peas, house-cultured sourdough with house-milled antebellum wheatberry flour, greenwheat salad, squash noodle casserole, and aromatic buckwheat crepes with Laurel-aged Charleston gold rice horchata sorbet. Receipts for the dinner span four centuries of Southern culinary tradition to the present day. The dinner is value priced at $25 per person and is served family style. Participation of the entire table is requested.

Dinner January 2012.pdf

Posted 01/05/12


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